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Hes Out There Somewhere Chords

Artist- All For One

Tabber- afo_bassist_96

Title- He's Out there... Somewhere


verse:    i feel like no one's there to hear me,
P.M.                                 G
2x        but little do i know, that one day soon
       i'll see the truth and my real god's face 
       will show. (2x) 2nd time hold the B open after show.

       (Pause)- Drum click off
         B                                 G  
       i pray, i pray, i pray all day, but little 
       does it show, how one man's prayers can't
       be answered, no one really knows.
       But i know my god he's waiting for, the 
       G             B         
       perfect time, all i have to do is wait patiently
       and those answers will be mine.
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Chorus:   B            G             B            A
1/2    He hears me, he sees me, he's everything i need, oh yeah
tempo     B            G         B           A
       He knows me, he loves me, why can't i see? (2x)

Instrumental: B, G, B, A. (8x)- bass and guitar solos at random in key of E

Bridge:        B             G                 B              A
       Oh what i would do to worship you, i'll proudly take a stand,
              B                 G            B                              
       I'll spread the word and love of you across this wretched land,
            B                 G            B               A
       I'll fight this battle everyday, in which i'll persevere
            B             G                    B                   A  
       I'll pound it into all thier heads, the word of god they'll hear.

Order: verse, chorus, instrumental, bridge, chorus