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My Paper Heart Chords    USA

The All American Rejects
My paper Heart

Great new band....Great song

Cm7- 032000

                   C                  Cm7       
Please just don't Play with me, my paper heart will bleed
this wait for destiny won't do, be with me please i beseech you
C                             Cm7        F
Simple things, That make you run away, catch you if i can....C...Cm7...F
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C                      Cm7           Am         G      F
Well tears fall down your face the taste was something new
C                 C     Cm7            Am          G     F
(something that)  I know moving on is....easiest when i am around you

Pre Chorus:
    Am                           G
So Bottle up old love, and thrown it out to sea
C        Cm7         F
Wash it away as you cry
Am                      G
A year has past.....the seasons go.....


Verse 2

Waiting, day to day it goes through
My lips are sealed for her
(My tongue is)
Tied to a ddream of being with you
To settle for less is not what 
I prefer

Pre Chorus

C                     Cm7
Summer time, the nights they are so long
F                                 F
The leaves fall down.....and so do i into the arms of a friend
C                  Cm7
Winter nights, my bedside is cold
F                      (no chord)
And spring blossoms me.

Repeat bridge x 1