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Change Your Mind Chords

Ok, this is my first but i have a feeling its ok.  Hope u enjoy it!

C                F          Am        G  
Dont solve the problem when danger is bitter

C                  F             Am        G
Far away where you stock them in cages that tether

F           C     
And all the bridges you've burned

F            C
Leave you trapped out at all sides

F            C         F           G/C       
Now the tables do turn and its all gone whats left for you


F            C               F            G
And when the sky is falling, dont look outside the window

F             C                 F             G
Step back and here I'm calling, give up, dont take the fast road
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F             C                    F                C                
Its just your doubt that binds you, just drop those thoughts behind you

F    F      C    G
Now, Change your mind and let go too soon

Sit down, youre sinking, there's no one to watch you
Skip town youre thinking, there's no one to stop you


F          Am               F
Dont run away, stop feeling fine

F                    C           G
Its better than your worst, your worst day

F           Am                 F
No words to say, I'll give you mine

F                 C          G
And pocket all the hurt, and just stay

F        Am
Dont run away
 F                   C                F
Its better than your worst, your worst day

Chorus (softly)


F        C/Am
Dont run away

F         G
Change your mind

G                   F
And let go too soon      (x4)

That's all, hope you enjoy and hope you agree!