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Enjoy Your Day Chords

Enjoy your day chords by Alkaline Trio

Hey guys I just thought that since there were no chords for this song and there was a 
that I thought I would take the tab and make some chords out of it so yall can sing along 
this amazing song by Alkaline Trio. Hope you guys enjoy

Originally tabbed by: Neil Woods (by the way which is very accurate)
Chords by: Conner Thomas

Tuning: Standard
Chords used:
I was too lazy to find the real names of these chords but I did it pretty accurate
       C     B    G    F    Gm    
   Bm    Cm
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Start out strumming the C chord

   C                                    B
so where'd you go? how was your vacation home?
   G                                    F
well obviously you were busy, too busy for me.
   C                                     B                             
        G        F
so this is how you leave me? i'm broken hearted on the floor.
   C                                                           B
my tears seep through the crack under my door.
   G                                F
where i am locked in, shut down.
   C                                B                       G 
i'm so tired of picking myself up off the ground.
   Gm                                Am
so happy valentine's day. i hope the sun's out in new york.
   Bm                                    Cm
i hope he bought you roses. i hope he bought you roses.
   Gm                                Am
so happy valentine's day. i hope the sun's out in new york.
   Bm                                   Cm
i hope he bought you roses. i hope he bought you roses.

Hey look under one page thats good for only one sheet of paper 
Alkaline Trio rocks hard K.Southern Rock. Go Matt Skiba