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Blue In The Face Chords

Artist: Alkaline Trio
Song:   Blue in the Face
Album:  Good Mouring

Don't be discouraged by this song.  It looks like it has a lot of
chords, but they're mostly just power chords.  It's actually a fun
song to play once you learn it.

E     - 022100
Esus4 - 022200
E5    - 079xxx
D#/B  - x69xxx
E5ii  - 02xxxx
E/G#  - 076xxx
E/A   - 077xxx
C#/A  - x47xxx
C#5   - x46xxx
B5    - x24xxx
A5    - x02xxx
G#/E  - 47xxxx

Slow (6/8 time)
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Intro:  |E   |Esus4    |E    |Esus4    |

Verse:  |E5    |E/G#  E/A  |C#/A  C#5  |A5    :| play 3x
        |E5    |E/G#  E/A  |C#/A  C#5  |B5     |

Chorus: |A5  E5ii  |B5    |A5  E5ii  |B5    |A5  E5  |B5    |
        |G#/E      |A5    |

Bridge: |E5    |D#/B    |B5    |A5    |

Last verse: |E    |Esus4    |G#/A    |A5    |