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Just Words Chords

Song: Just Words?
Artist: Alistair Clark
Album: Common Flair

Intro: G Am C Dadd4/add2      X2


G        Am                 C         Dadd4/add2
Love And Hate Are More Than Words She says

G             Am      D7
Thats exactly what he heard

G                      Am                D7
Saying I Like you Hate just rolls off my tounge

G            Am                 C      Dadd4/add2
But Love and hate are more than words

G                C                  Dadd4/add2
She?s out on the town on the Friday night
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G                Am                  D7
The mood and the lights are awfully dim

G                       Am               C
She crashes thought the crowd she hears a voice

G            Am                Dadd4/add2
She prays to god that it?s not him

G         C                   Dadd4/add2
He rushes up and pleads with her

G         Am                  D7
Tells her that she?s being absurd

G                         Am              Dadd4/add2
Saying love doesnt mean a thing

G          Am                  C
She says, ?Love is more than a word?

Chorus X 3