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Fortune Teller Chords

Fortune Teller - Alison Krauss & Robert Plant
Capo on ist Fret

Three chord grove {D} {C} {A} repeated throughout the song

Went to the fortune teller
Had my fortune read
I didnít know what to tell her
I had a dizzy feeling in my head

Then she took a look at my palm
She said son you feel kind of warm
She looked into her crystal ball
And said youíre in love
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How could that be so
I thought of all the girls I know
She said when the next one arrives
Youíll be looking into her eyes

I left there in a hurry
Looking forward to my big surprise
The next day I discovered 
That the fortune teller told me a lie

I hurried back down to that woman
As mad as I could be
I said I didnít see nobody
Why had she made a fool out of me

Then something struck me
As if it came from up above
While looking at the fortune teller
I fell in love

Now Iím a happy fellow
íCause Iím married to the fortune teller
Iím happy as we can be
Now I get my fortune told for free