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Born And Raised Acoustic Tab

Alexisonfire - Born and Raised (acoustic, from Death Letter EP)

CAPO - 3rd Fret

All notes and chords are relative to capo.

Intro/Verse Riff:



Am               G
I've lost all direction

     Em             F
I've lost all my direction

    Am               G              Em
And now I wish, that I would have believed

Could have believed

Escape, escape

Nature's indifferent hand

Retreat, retreat

To the bliss of our creation

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We were born and raised
To live beyond

     Em                   F
The heft and weight of a world undone

Am           G
Like a bird from the north

    Em                  F
Our hearts will roam in search of warmth


Am           G              F               
Uncountable numbers written in new fallen snow

Am             G                  F
I can hear the claws of the beast tapping at my window

Am       G              F
Nihilist sleeps and in dreams he sees god's face

Am           G         F
Realize even disbelief requires a leap of faith

D                                   F         
From birth to death, we search for what's yet to be known

   D                          F
We hope and pray and ask, but still are never shown