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Bad Boys Chords

This is the acoustic version that I play. For the Verse, I tend to just syncopate 
the Fm chord; almost ska-esque. 

Also in the verse, there's a little lick you can play as a lead in to each bar - 
basically just Ab, G, F. I play the single notes, but you could always use the 
full chords. Listen to the recording to get a feel for it. 

Intro: Fm

N.C. (background Fm)
Flo Rida
Alexandra girl, i know what you like.

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Some people call them players but I'm far from terrified
Somehow I'm drawn to danger and have been all my life.
It feels my hearts divided halfway between wrong and right
I know I'm playin with fire but I dont mind.


          Ab           Cm              Fm     Db
Yeah, the bad boys are always catching my eye away, ohay
           Ab           Cm              Fm      Db 
I said the bad boys are always spinning my mind away, ohay.
     Fm                        Cm                 Bbm
Even though I know that its no good for me its the risk I take for the 

         Fm       Cm              Db        Eb
With the bad boys always catching my eye


Then the progression repeats for the other verse(s) and chorus.