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Elijah Chords

No capo
First tab, tell me if it's wrong!

  D       C           Em
I met Madeline in the South of France
           D             C          
Where she grew with the fig
And broke bread with the moon
     D           C       Em            
Dark eyes of the evening brought her a son
  D            C      Em          D  C  Em
A blessing and burden for she was so young
D  C  Em
So young..

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G        A                   D
Water is cold with a wayward gale
G              A                 D
Much like the leaves I've become frail
G        A                 D
Madeline said 'I'd like to follow'
G                A                D
'But I must stay well to care for Elijah'
G            A                D
'I must stay well to care for Elijah'
D C Em

Same as first one