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Swallows Of San Juan Chords

	SWALLOWS OF SAN JUAN Ė Alejandro Escovedo
Tabbed by: eboswald
Tuning: Standard Capo on 2

Gonna {G} crawl upon the shore		{C}	{D}
Roll in the {G} mud and the clay	(C)	(D)
Like the {G} swallows of San Juan
Iím gonna get {C} back {D} some day	{G}	{C}	{D}
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A thousand steps to the water
A thousand steps you must take
Thereís a thousand worlds on the head of a pin
A thousand rules to break

{Em }Next time you see me
Iím gonna {Bm} smile for the camera
Like some {C} wild man from Pom{G}peii
{Em} Take my word, go {Bm} down to the sea
Itís {C} breaking bigger than anything any of us have ever seen

Repeat 1st verse

Instrumental verse

Had a blond TV special*
And an English half stack**
I lost the both in a deal
But some day, some day Iíll get them back

Repeat chorus

Repeat Verse 1 (fade out on repeating last line)

* a Gibson circa 1955 - 1961
** a Marshall half stack or a Vox?