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From Tue Apr 12 16:50:05 1994

Just one of those songs I happened to be listening to and managed to
figure it out.  I think I may have figured out "Change II" off of the
Change album if anyone's interested.

Tab is mine, as are any errors.  If you make any corrections or
additions, fine, but let me know so that I can play it right too!


"Raw" by The Alarm -- tabbed by Ken MacFarlane

INTRO: appregio based on G F F Em bar chords, something like:


This figure repeats throughout the verses.

At one point in the first verse, this changes slightly:
(sorry, don't have exact lyric with me)
[ Tab from: ]
G      F              F       Em
I have drunk from fire water

G            F             F      Em    D   C
Free spirits rising in the world

and then above figure repeats again.


G         F                 C
Raw, raw, burnt back to the bone

G                    F                C
Raw, raw, you better leave this child alone

G         F              C
Raw, raw, I ain't got no

F                  F
Burnt right back...burnt right back to the bone.

G G (rake) G G (rake) F F (rake) F F (rake)...then back to the verse.

BRIDGE: (after second chorus)

Rolling like a river, running like a train

D                   C      G
Free spirits rising in the world today

SOLO: don't have it, but it's based on the G G F C pattern of the verse

then second verse, repeating G G F C until the end of the song

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