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 I think it sounds ok, but tell me what you think.  (Not sure about Am at cross the sea 
fools though)

The Alarm

The (C)iron gates clang in a steel mill town
A (F)man breaks down to that (C)unemployment (G)sound
He (C)takes a last walk down that old coast road
In the (F)dying death throes of (C)all that he (G)knows
The (Am)sight of those men walking (C)through the gates
Was like a (F)lame pit pony at the (C)end of its (G)days

(fire, fire, fire) (C) (F) (C) (G)
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In a (C)deeside town eight thousand went down
In A (F)February day in the (C)driving (G)rain
No (C)winners just losers and cuts and bruises
As the (F)picket lines fell, the (C)industry (G)died
Theres (Am)still one question after (C)all this time
Is a (F)working man born to (C)live and then (G)die?

Fire fire fire.

To (C)build the (G)ships to (F)set the (C)sails
To (G)cross the sea of (Am)fools
To be (C)dealt the (G)cards
To (F)play our (C)hand
To (G)win or else to (Am)lose
In this (G)cruel world that (F)kicks a man when hes (G)down

(down to the ground) (C) (F) (C) (G)

And (C)lady luck smiles on the few in this world
And I (F)hope and I pray that she (C)smiles on (G)you
I (C)aint gonna preach, no I aint gonna teach
I m (F)just gonna sing about the (C)things that I (G)need

A (Am)little bit of love, a (C)little bit of hope
A (F)little bit of strength, some (C)fuel for the (G)fire

(fire fire fire)

To (C)build the (G)ships....................

And (F)all (C)around the (G)world the lights are (Am)going down.