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Ammonia Avenue Chords

The Alan Parsons Project - Ammonia Avenue

Capo 1

Is there [Am]no sign of light as we [Em]stand in the darkness?
[Am]Watching the sun [G]a[Am]rise [A9,Am7,A9]
Is there [Am]no sign of life as we [Em]gaze at the waters?
[Am]Into the stran[G]gers [Am]eyes [A9,Am7,A9]

And [F]who are [G]we to [C]criti[F]cize or 
[Dm7]scorn the [G7]things that they [Am]do? [A9,Am7,A9]
For [F]we shall [G]seek and [C]we shall [F]find 
Am[Dm]monia [Em]Ave[Am]nue

If we [Am]call for the proof and we [Em]question the answers
[Am]Only the doubt [G]will [Am]grow [A9,Am7,A9]
Are we [Am]blind to the truth or a [Em]sign to believe in?
[Am]Only the wise [G]will [Am]know [A9,Am7,A9]
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And [F]word by [G]word they [C]handed [F]down 
the [Dm7]light that [G7]shines to[Am]day [A9,Am7,A9]
And [F]those who [G]came at [C]first to [F]scoff, 
[Dm] Remained be[Em]hind to [Am]pray
Yes [F]those who [G]came at [C]first to [F]scoff, 
[Dm] remained be[Em7]hind to [Am]pray

When you [Am]can't hear the rhyme and you [Em]can't see the reason
[Am]Why should the hope [G]re[a]main? [A9,Am7,A9]
For a [Am]man will be tired and his [Em]soul will grow weary
[Am]Living his life [G]in [Am]vain [A9,Am7,A9]

And [F]who are [G]we to [C]justi[F]fy 
the [Dm7]right in [G7]all we [Am]do? [A9,Am7,A9]
Un[F]til we [G]seek un[C]til we [F]find
Am[Dm]monia [Em]Ave[Am]nue

[Dm]Through all the [G]doubt 
[F]somehow they [G]knew

And [F]stone by [G]stone they [C]built it [F]high
[Dm7]Until the [G7]sun broke [Am]through
a [F]ray of [G]hope, a [C]shining [F]light 
Am[Dm]monia [Em]Ave[Am]nue