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Ace Of Hearts Chords

			     ACE OF HEARTS - Alan Jackson
Tabbed by: Barry Miles

Intro: C

C               G7               C
Love's a gamble every heart will take
You roll the dice in hopes that it won't break
C                                F    C/E    D7
One night I bet on your blue eyes and took a chance
    C                         G7
And won a whole lot more than one night of romance
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I held the ace of hearts, that night in the dark
    Bb        F       G7
How lucky can one man be
  Bb               F        C                  D7
I hold the winning hand any way life deals the cards
          F                    G7             C
No way to lose, cause I've got you my ace of hearts

Love's a numbered wheel you have to spin
There's no need for me to spin again
Cause loving you is paying off more than I knew
I took a little risk and hit it big with you


Solo (Verse chords)


D7                   F G7          C
    I'm gonna hold onto  my ace of hearts