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Silver Hands Chords

Tabbed by Sam de Brunner
Tuning: Standard
Capo: 1
Chords relative to capo

In the intro a couple of hammer ons on the high e string when playing the Dm chord sound great.
On the final C of each verse pull your finger off the third fret if the 2nd, A string 
after a strum or two.

Dm  Am  G  F  C  Am  G  F  C

       Am     G        F       C
 Let's try to make the most of this
      Am       G        F      C
 I'll ask this once: my last request
   Am        G          F     C
 I count the times that you recede
   Am           G         F         Am
 I slip through hands and kiss your teeth
 G         C          Am      Em
 Mend your words down side to side
 G       C       Am     Em
 Stutter step, defeat revised

Am  G  F  C  (X2)
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 Am        G           F      C
 When your words spill out in rust
      Am     G       F       C
 They billow out and rise in dust
    Am     G        F         C
 So start ahead now while you can
     Am      G                  F      Am
 And someone will take you with silver hands
 G        C       Am       Em
 Waltz in form on down the aisle
 G            C           Am     Em
 With perfect pace and in single file

Am  G  F  C  (X2)

      Am        G        F         C
 With patterned plans to mend your streets
      Am      G      F          C
 They rise in form beneath your feet
     Am      G        F        C
 Our darkest days are gone for now
       Am        G         F        C
 We'll adorn our suits and our best gowns
       Am        G         F        C
 We'll adorn our suits and our best gowns

Am  G  F  C  (X3)