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Dancing Shagging On The Boulevard Chords

A                                D
Well the Magic Attic's where the music rolls
           A                              E
And the Army, Navy's got ole Jackies soul
             A                                 D
Down on Beegis corner there are good ole boys
           A                                  E
And the Mother Fletcher's makin lotsa noise
                            Bm7                                   A
     Chorus: They're dancin, shaggin on the Blvd. 2x
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Well the Tams are playin at the Port O' Call
              A                              E
And The Drifters underneath the Boardwalk
          A                                 D
At the Spanish Galleon and ole Fat Jacks
A                                E
Jukebox playin and the place is packed

     Chorus: You bet...          You know...

F#m                                                   E
Got the top down and the traffic's slow
D                                    E
When it's Sun fun weekend we all go
                 F#m                          D                  
Where the girls are sunnin and are lookin good
Dbm7-Bm7                     E
Well I never met 'em but I wish I could
     Chorus: And we'd go...            We'd go...
              A                        D
Well I'm hangin out down at Sloppy Joe's
A                                  E
They may doze but they never close
              A                      D
And the Bama boys at the bowery
               A                                 E
Well now they can't dance but they play for free