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Born Country Chords

key: D
D) Clear creeks and cool mountain mornin's 
(G) Honest work out in the (D) fields 
Cornbread in my momma's kitchen 
(G D)addy saying grace before the meal 
(A) Family ties run deep in this (G) land 
(A) And I'm never very far from what I (G) am (A) 

CHORUS -----------------------------------------
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I was (G) born (D) country and that's (A) what I'll always (D) be 
Like the (G) rivers and the (D) woodlands wild and (A) free 
I got a (G) hundred years of (D) down home 
(A) running through my (Bm) blood 
I was (G) born (D) country and this (A) country's what I (D) love 
(D) Moonlight and you hear beside me 
(G) Crickets serenadin' in the (D) yard 
What more could two people ask for 
(G) Laying here in love beneath the stars 
Now (A) this is where I wanna raise my (G) kids 
(A) Just the way my mom and daddy (G) did (A) 
Repeat Chorus 2X 
I was born (D) country