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Worship The Lord Chords

G C2
Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness
Em7 C2
with awe and with reverence, bow to adore
G C2
You are my Lord, you are my holiness
Em7 C2
Jesus my righteousness, I worship you Lord
G/B C2
Iím living for your glory
Em7 Dsus4
Iím living for the name above all names
G/B C2
No one else is worthy
Em7 Dsus4 D
No one else can ever take your place

I worship you Lord in beautiful holiness
Lifting up reverence, I bow to adore
I give you my all, surrendering everything
my everyday offering: to worship you Lord
Iím living for your gloryÖ

You are high and lifted up
high and lifted up
Em7 D/F#
high and lifted up (x 4)
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