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How Long Chords

How Long
Al Gordon

Key: G
Capo 4

Verse 1:
How long ‘till we gaze upon your face,
D                    G
Gaze upon your face, gaze upon your face?
                                  D              G
Jesus we will gaze upon your face in the morning light

Verse 2:
    Em             G
How long ‘till you wipe these tears away,
D                      G
Wipe these tears away, wipe these tears away?
Em             G                     D                G
Jesus you will wipe these tears away when the morning comes

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       C             G   D/F#
Yes, I know you will come
       C             G     D/F#
Yes, I know you’ve already won
       C       Em  D/F# C
Yes, I know my Redeemer lives
   E   D/F# G
My Redeemer lives

Verse 3:
How long ‘till there’s justice on the earth,
D                     G
Justice on the earth, Justice on the earth?
Em                G                    D             G
Jesus there’ll be justice on the earth when you come again

C          G/B    Em                   D/F#
Come, Lord Jesus! We are desperate for you here!
C          G/B    Em                   D/F#  G
Come, Lord Jesus! All creation calling out!

Verse 4:
    Em            G
How long ‘till we hear the victory roar,
D                      G
Hear the victory roar, hear the victory roar?
Em            G                     D                 G
Jesus we will hear the victory roar when this race is run