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Come On Chords

The chords are probably not 100% correct, but I'm in love with this song, and had to tab 
quickly because I really wanted to play it.

C5                          B
You take the sun from that hole in the sky
          F                    G5
And then place it in my little hand
C5                          B
Oh what a rush just to be in control
              F                   G5
It痴 like nothing you could understand
(same chords)
But this time I知 not gonna let it go
This time, I want everyone to know
You池e a fool, you池e wrong,
I believe in myself,
I believe in myself this time

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      F        Fm
So come on, come on,
Can we break this place apart?
    F        Fm
Come on, come on,
To me.

(chord sequences repeated through rest of song)

The taste of blood like a spear in my side
It痴 no wonder I知 a driven soul
Why do you think I just lie here and get fucked
While you tell me that I知 undersold

You should be scared, in amongst desire
I知 a spark to set the truth on fire
Yes I am, I知 here
I知 the antichrist
I値l be leaving alive, I値l be leaving alive.


I struggle to my knees
Struggle to my knees
I知 getting to my feet
I知 getting to my feet

You should be calling my name x4
You should be calling my