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Goodbye Solo Tab

                          Air Supply
                        Goodbye Solo
                       Tabbed By: Christian Perez

Tuning: Standard
Key: D

Rhythm Chords

D - F#m - Bm - Em - A

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e -----------------1s-2------------------------2-3-----|
A ---7--5-5--3-2-3-----5-5-4-5--7s-8---7-7-5-4---------|
D -----------------------------------------------------|
G -----------------------------------------------------|
B -----------------------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------|

Then Raise 1 Chord higher to the chorus

E - G#m - C#m - F#m - B
"You would never ask me why"

That's i've got so far... i tried looking for tabs of the solo of this song.. but i cant 
one on the internet... so i thought i should make one...

i am using a nylon stringed guitar