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Silence Is Golden But Duct Tape Is Silver Tab

This is a great song off the new album, The Restoration Of Chaos And Order. First song
ever figured out myself, and first ever tab I've done. Criticism is welcome.

Intro (first part)
D-4-x-4-x-4-4-4-4-5-x-5-x-7-6-7-6--| x3

Intro (ending)


For this part I'm just gonna post how to play the chords and write the chords over the
you must be able to play barre chords for this song, or you the alternate way listed.
the chords. And I know they aren't accurate for where they are, but they should be 
You should be able to figure out exactly where the changes are.

B             D           A             G

e-2---   e-5---   e-5---    e-3-----|
B-4---   B-7---   B-5---    B-3-----|
G-4---  G-7---   G-6---    G-4------|
D-4---  D-7---   D-7---    D-5------|
A-2---  A-5---   A-7---    A-5------|
E-----   E-----   E-5---     E-3----|

B                            D                   A                           D
   B                  D                  A
Me and Billy like to sleep all day, on the floors where we decay, mohawks in disarry 
                         G                    B
D                                   A
to motherfuckin Biscayne Bay. The gangs tried to kill us but we wouldn't take flight, 
       D                              B                      D                     A
and rusty knives keep the wolves at bay, and we play in traffic downtown turn it up and 
          B                                                                     D
away. What do you do when there's no where to go? Empty pools and punk rock shows. Anger that
                        A                                  G                             
nobody knows, as the sun goes down, the streetlights glow. As we rolled through the city 
D                                  A                                   D
                    B                            D
bucket of rust with the punk rock South Dade girls screaming lyrics at us. From the 
                       A                                     G
up dust to the sound of the only people we can trust.

Chorus (pt.1)
For this you can either play the chords as notated above or power chords. I like to play
power chords for this one. I think it sounds much closer to the original sound on the
recording. (The power chords are just the lowest three strings of the chords shown above)
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B                                      F# G F# G                  B
                     D C# D C#
Out of control and you've shivered my timbers, I'm all fucked up the moon's just a 
A                                     D C# D C#                  B
            A                G
Silence is golden but duct tape is silver like the lining of the clouds that conceal the killers.

Chorus (pt. 2)
Just play the intro riff over the lyrics below.

The streets aren't safe when the wind starts blowing and in the eye of the storm the 
flowing we're gathering bricks and we're gonna start throwing them at you (we'll throw 
at you)

Bridge (pt. 1, instrumental)
This is the part where all the drums and stuff cut out for a bit and then go into the
This can be played as power chords or barre chords, again I play power chords just 'cause
how it sounds in the recording.

G-4---------7-6-7-6--|  x4

You hit on the first B chord there (for any additional guitars as well as bass and
It also may be played only 3 times and then on the 4th time go B-A-G. Play around, see which
like better. I tend to alternate.

Bridge (pt. 2, with vocals)
The same thing I've been saying about power chords vs. barre chords goes here as well.
the switching between the chords D and C#, that area of the tab probably needs a little
of tweaking.

B                                                    D C# D C#                   A
Kick us when we're down we're not going away, we're the stray dogs that chase you the 
D C# D C#        B                                                 D C# D C#
      A                                  G
betray you. We run wild through the streets and sleep with the decay of all that you 
left us like
F#              B                                       D C# D C#                 A
                                D C# D C#
fit disarray. Out of control and you've shivered my timbers, tell us to shut up and 
give you the
           B                                       D C# D C#              A
              G                 F#
finger, yeah silence is golden but duct tape is silver, silence is golden but duct tape 
silver obey.

Hit a D chord a bunch of times, and you've played the ending. For the bass part to this
if you also play bass or are playing in a band with a bassist, you just want to follow
guitar chords, playing quarter notes during the non-ska parts. During the ska parts, you 
to play either eighth notes or eigth note triplets. It doesnt really matter which you
but don't play on the last beat of the measure.

The general layout of the song goes as such:

Intro pt. 1
Intro pt. 2
Chorus pt. 1
Chorus pt. 2
Chorus pt. 1
Chorus pt. 2
Bridge pt. 1
Bridge pt. 2

or something like that. requests, corrections, comment can be directed at me through UG.