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Without You Chords

 Intro: C-F-C-F-C-F-C

      F              C
   I know it's over now
      F                     C
   I can't believe we're through
       F                C
   If this is what you need
            F            G
   There's nothing I can do
         F           G
   But where am I to go
    F               C
   What have I to choose
      F             C
   Rememberin' our days
          F               C
   Just makes me want to cry
        F               C
   We tried so hard, I know
         F                G
   But still we said goodbye.

        F           G
   So where am I to go
          F               G
   (And) What have I to choose
    F                G     F
   When I built my world around you.
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  C        F                 C
   Gotten used to see your smile
              F                C
   Hear your whisper late at night
          F                   C
   Now I've) nothing left to lose
             F                C
   'Cause I know I'm without you.

   Interlude: C-F-C-F-C-

      F               C
   If only fate were kind
         F              C
   Then I'd be holding you
        F              C
   And we'd be like before
        F            G
   But destiny was cruel.

   (Repeat Refrain)

   (Repeat Chorus)

    F               C
   Hohh... without you

  G              F/G
   Without you, there's no sunshine
  G             F/G
   Without you, only rain
  G             F/G
   And if there is  tomorrow
  G          F/G      C-F-
   I hope to ease my pain.

   Adlib: C-F-C-F-C-F-
            (Ease my pain)

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

        ... you

      F              C
   I know it's over now.