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Cars Chords

The whole song is basically C / G / D / F, just not always at the same place.

C                                G
Cars are made to drive people around
Race each other cross town
Or for making out in when you're young

Cans are made for soda soup and lemonade
Drinking beer out of a hot day
Or for freebasing crack and cocain
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Paper is made to write stuff on 
An I love you or I'll be gone
Newspapers, books are good for you
Isolation when the roof falls off yeah

Beds are made for sleeping the day away
Or making kids in when you're on holiday
To dream your dreams in while getting your beauty sleep
Or hiding under if you're scared of monsters

But guns are made to kill people
to kill people 
to kill people 

And bombs are made to kill people 
to kill people 
to kill people 

If there is a god I know we let her down
this can't be what she planned
This can't be what she planned

Someday they'll send their planes and drop all the bombs at once
And turn this planet into a new born sun
Take your guns and see if they work for you
As isolation when the skies falls off