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Promises Tab

Song: Promises
Artist: Adema
Album: Unstable
What can I say? This is a very melodic song (by a kick ass band), but suprisingly very easy.
So, here's the song in full. Hope you enjoy... 
NOTE: You will have to figure out the exact timings and amount of strumming yourself!

Tuning: Even though the original is played drop-tuned, I made this one for normal tuning.

-Intro Part 1-
Play without distortion (try to make it sound like an acoustic if you can).
e |------------|
B |------------|        
G |-0-0-0------|        Play this 2 times.
D |-3-6-1-0----|
A |-3-6-1-4----|
E |-------4----|

-Intro Part 2-
Kick in the distortion with this part.
e |------------|
B |------------|
G |-3-6-1------|        Play this 2 times.
D |-3-6-1-4----|
A |-3-6-1-4----|
E |-------4----|

G|-----------------------------------------|        Play this 2 times.
D|-----------------------------------------|        Remember, timing is of the essence!

[ Tab from: ]
It's the same as Intro Part 2, just in short bursts.
e |---------------------|
B |---------------------|
G |-3-3--6-6--1-1-------|        Play this 2 times.
D |-3-3--6-6--1-1--4-4--|
A |-3-3--6-6--1-1--4-4--|
E |----------------4-4--|

Exact same as Intro Part 2. Play 4 times for the 
first and second chorus, 8 times for the third chorus.


Play this part a few times, making it decrease in volume each time until 
nothing can be heard (a fade-out).

e |-13-13-13-13-15-15-15-15-11-11-11-11-9-9-9-9--|
B |----------------------------------------------|
G |----------------------------------------------|
D |----------------------------------------------|
A |----------------------------------------------|
E |----------------------------------------------|

And that's the whole song! Of course, like any tab, it doesn't do all the
work for you - it still needs a few of your own unique finishing touches.
But hey, it works almost perfectly...