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Cigarette Burns Forever Chords

G                 Em
Cigarette burns forever
       C                  G
The message is spliced together
Now I would never let her
      C                    G
But where did people go to get her
You took me to the private party
        C                     G
And swore that they would not cart me
Drive careful less they hear ye
      C                           D       D7
When all the time they learnt to fear you.
G                            Em
The sidewinder drinks and gambles
      C                      G
The gold digger strikes his damsels 
But when I lost the magic sandals
    C                         D       D7
I said some things I could not handle.
G        Em
Going 90 off my star
C                                 G
So is flashing by as the flame retards
Donít you wanna be some other
C                                 D         D7
And all the people have to drug each other.
G                        Em
I fell into a life of leisure
C                     G
I saw to a path of pleasure
Donít it make it that much better
C                         D         D7       G
To find a cigarette burns forever.

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