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Bungee Chords

     G         dm        variation

Just use the g and de dm thrue out the song. you can variate with the 5th on the g chord

G             dm
She used to live, with an Indian chief.
G             dm 
Who gave her the clappe, that he got from a priest.

G             dm
Night after night, I would lie with her pets
G             dm
Like a mail order bride, in a box by the steps.

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G             dm
She went bungee jumping,
G             dm
One fine day,
         G             dm
Off the cliffs of our friendship,
             G          dm 
And at the bottom she stayed.

G             dm
When they told me, that her body was found
G             dm
An astronaut drowned, in the Long Island Sound.

G             dm
I tripped down the stairs in my basketball shoes.
G             dm
And paddled downstream, in my fathers canoe.

       G            dm
In the Kingdom of Bungee, 
       G             dm
the castle's been stained.
        G           dm
But the Kingdom of Incest,
            G           dm
still has a mighty fine name. 
lucas gijsberts