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Broken Joystick Chords

                             Adam Green - Broken Joystick
Album : Friends of mine
Tempo : 120
Tabbed by: newg

Capo 2

Chords : 
E(G#): 022104    
E7   : 022130 (play as alternative during the verse)
Am7  : x02213

Intro/Verse :

E E(G#) Am Am7 Am Am7

E     E(G#)            Am    Am7 Am Am7
  skelton of a smoking plane
E         E(G#)            Am  Am7 Am Am7
  catch a train to an open vein
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               E (with E7)            Am                 
the smoke just cleared something went wrong
            E                  Am          
the catfish choked, the sky is gone
              E                   Am          
beneath their boats, the forecast floats
             E                    Am          
the joystick choked, the joystick smokes

mariachi clothes look good on everyone
klu klux klansman dance around the mountain
Am                                    E (let ring)
plugging up the holes in their harmonicas

E      E(G#)             Am    Am7 Am Am7
  push away from the overdose
E         E(G#)             Am    Am7 Am 
  just in time for the ferryboats