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Please Chords

Song  :Please
Album :"illusions"

Intro:Fmaj7-C(add9) (played five times), also played in verse.

Uncoditional illusions of irresistable thoughts,
fake conversations and vastable walks,
...of an neverending story based upon lies.....
Gods own spies(they come falling down, from somewhere I should've been)
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Undeniable stories of mind-twisting mistakes,
made by those that understand everything but life,
and faith,.....
I'm high on something stuck in my mouth,
and I'd rather die again,
than to never gonna shout.......,something good
something good

Bridge:Am-F-Fm x 2
Pick me up again, let me fall again,
please........, just let me in

Chorus:C-G-Am-F, C-G-F
I'm starting to realise a lifetime commitment,
created in dreams......,
and I'm higher....

Repeat 1 verse and chorus, then end on C