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Last Night I Dreamed Chords

Actionslacks is kinda american underground rock-pop ... dont think they're really
famous but the music is just wonderful ...]

A         D
   I want something 

A         F#        E        A     
   I want something good for me 

(A)      D 
   I got nothing 

A              F#      E    B     
   And there's nothing on T-V 

(B)       D 
   I'm so lonely 

B             D                  B 
   Looking at all my pictures of you 

(B)         D  
   It's not funny 

B           D
   What can I do 


A       E       F#       D
   Last night I dreamed 
[ Tab from: ]
A                B      D    
   That you were losing sleep 

B       D
   Over me 

I'm so tired 
I'm so tired of losing sleep 
I got this crush 
And it's started crushing me 
And I wonder  
Do you feel the same as me 
Come on over 
And we can sleep 


B        A 
   Night is falling 

E           B 
   All over town 

B     A           E 
   I am calling you out 

B            A 
   Stars are shining 

E            B 
   In steady streams 

B       A                 E 
   I am wishing you sweet dreams 

[A - E - F# - D] x3
[B - D] x2


Note: I wrote this down like i play it ... if something is wrong just tell me (