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Punk Rock Chicks Chords

I really don't know the intro so I play the chords to it. By the way, they are three 
power chords, although I play them barre.
.=palm mute

Intro C,F,G,C

C.             F.
Tonight I went to a punk rock show
G.                       C.
The band was really good and the lights were all low
I saw one on my left
I saw one on my right
G.                           C (No palm mute)
Those punk rock chicks really made my night

C               F
Gimme Gimme one sweet punk rock chick
G                      C
Yeah they look so good Yeah they look so fine
C               F
Gimme Gimme one sweet punk rock chick
G                 C
One of these days i'll make one mine all mine
[ Tab from: ]
C.                            F.
To the one on the left I said "How do you do?"
G.                                  C.
She showed me her ring and and said "Toodaloo"
C.                            F.
To the one on my right I said "What do you know"
G.                               C(no palm mute)
But I had to leave because of her b-o

(Bridge 4x)

C.                           F.
Tonight I'm gonna get me one sweet punk rock chick
G.                          C.
Cuz the they're the coolest in all the world
C.                           F.
I'll see one at the show and I'll know for sure
G.                            C.
That she's the one for me and I'm the one for her
G.                 G(LOUD! No Palm Mute)
It'll be so fun
Gotta get me one

(Chorus x2)