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Acda En De munnik-Groeten uit Maaiveld.
Hi all. I'd Thought I'd have a go again. if you have any comments,Suggestions, or stupid
and/or lame jokes you want to share, contact me at PS:Lyrics will
come soon
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e|----0----0-- ||----0-----|
G|-3p4----4--- ||------4-2-|
A|------------ ||----------|
E|------------ ||----------|

|Em   |A    |G A  |G A  |
|Em   |A    |G A  |G A  |
|Bm   |Em   |G    |A   :ĻU

|D    |A    |Em   |C G :ĻU
|A    |A    |A    |A    | then start over at top of chords