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Come Crash Chords

Em    A   D   Cmaj7 x 2

Em         A        D          Cmaj7
That's luck, she led, we should be dead. 
Em     A         D         Cmaj7
We eyed the wreck. Good god, we said. 
Em     Am      C             Bm          G
She plants one kiss, for the road, on my chest. 
       A          Em D
Sirens came after we left. 
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Em   D          C           G         C   B A  G   Em
Christine, come crash on my floor x 2     (bass notes)

That's life, she said, we should be dead, 
We should be stars and perfect tens, 
And that's just three off the top of my head. 
Once again, you're a godsend. 

Christine, come crash on my floor x 3 

Trumpet solo chords:
G    G (with weird guitar riff)
F    G   Em
F    G   Eb   Bb
F    G   Em (first chord of verse)

That's true, she said, we should dead, 
I should be sleeping in your bed. 
Instead, I'll crash on your floor 

Christine, come crash on my floor x 4
(end on G)