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Post-apocalypse Punk Chords

       D5           B5                   A5
It was 1906, but we screwed the timeline up.
          D5                     F#5                    E5
It wasn't just for kicks but I'm afraid that the jig is up.
  D5                                  G5
I jumped through time with the Cannon Jump
D5                              F#5
Smashed the past and messed the whole thing up,
            F#5              E5              D5
Now there's nothing left but Post-Apocalypse Punk.

Repeat that for each verse/chorus and the instrumentals.

The E5, F#5 and G5 should be played with the bass note on the A string rather than the E 
string, if you couldn't figure that out yourself.

You can play with ordinary chords too, of course (with Bm, F#m, and Em, and the rest as 
major chords), but it doesn't sound as punky.
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