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Stinky Cent Chords

Gmin             Eb7                     Gmin
Girl, you got my sweet tooth working overtime
        Bb                 F
I wanna squeeze you like a lemon-lime
         C                   Ebmin7
Make you bleed like a victim of my crime
Gmin             Eb7             Gmin
Girl, I'm having dirty epileptic fits
     Bb               F
Just thinking of your meaty bits
            C                          Ebmin7
You make it hurt so bad, you'll need a first-aid kit
Csus4                  Bb/C                    F
I wanna suck you wanna cluck you wanna lay you down

F  C/E  Dm   G7  Bb/C  Fmaj7   Bb/C   Fmaj7  Bb/C  Fmaj7


Bbmaj7   Fmaj7   Bbmaj7  Bbmin7/C  Fmaj7  Bbmin7/C

C                                F                              then with G
Stinky C*nt!   Stinky C*nt! :|   Stinky C*unt!  Stinky C*nt! :|

C  F  Amin  D7  F  Fdim  Am  D7  F/G  C
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