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Country Boy Tab

All the other tabs sound pretty close but I think I have a little bit more accurate one.
I just wrote out the chords in order and you can just listen to the song to figure out
when to change chords and the strum pattern. This is my first tab so bare with me.

The song is in drop c#. Tune down a half step then tune the low E down one more step.

h= hammer on



[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/a/aaron_lewis/country_boy_tab.html ]
Then the part where he sings, "Cus Hank taught me just.."


Then the very very end/ last couple strums


Take notice there might be some variations of the pattern of chords here and there but
just listen to the song and it shouldnt be to hard to figure out. Still the same chords
that are on here he just plays them for a little longer, etc. Thanks hope this helps you 
country boys out there.