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A Song For Sholom Chords

G         D       Em         C
One People, with one solution
G         D                              Em         C
Going through the stains of time
G         D        Em           C
One problem, we have unanswered.
G             D                                     Em             C
Does he deserve to pay for these crimes.
G                   D       Em                            C
Who has the right, and who deserves to fight for their life

been a long time been a long year must stand up and fight for sholom
been a long time been a long year we cant stay quiet any longer
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G      D   Em                                      C
May 08, the US troops stormed the place
G             D                      Em          C
over eccentric, with their guns an planes
G                D                Em           C
Giving  life sentence to Sholom's name
G   D                            Em                         C
All because he stayed behind to take the blame
G            D                          Em       C
Before I continue with this Terrible story
G          D                         Em    C
Let me bring you back in time


Em             D                 Em         D
He could afford to buy almost anything
Em             D                 Em         D
But he chose to live life so modestly
Em             D                 Em         D
used his own money to support  the needy
Em             D                 Em         D
And open schools around the world


G                   D   ,,,Em                             C
Look at the C.E.O. largest car company in the world   
G              D                                Em             C
blatant disregard of mechanical failures 
G                        D      ....     Em   C
Put's dozens of people, in the ground
G                     D                           Em             C
What does he get for this crime? just a little fine
G             D               Em             C
but i dont want to talk about this CEO 
G                                 D              Am             C
I want to remind you what were fighting for