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U-turn Lili Chords

A(II): 002200

Verse 1:

  Am     A(II)    Am      A(II)            Em
lili, take another walk out of your fake world
please put all the drugs out of your hand
           A(II)    Am        A(II)           Em
you'll see that you can breathe without no back up
some much stuff you got to understand

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Am (3en bas puis étouffé)
for every step in any walk
Em (3en bas puis étouffé)
any town of any thought
i'll be your guide

for every street of any scene
any place you've never been
i'll be your guide

Verse 2:

lili, you know there's still a place for people like us
the same blood runs in every hand
you see its not the wings that make the angel
just have to move the bats out of your head

Verse 3:

lili, esay as a kiss we'll find an answer
put all your fears back in the shade
don't become a ghost without no colour
cause'you're the best paint life ever made



F F Dm Dm C C x3
F (let ring)