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Wherever You Go Chords

The song is actually in F#. Half step down.

Verse 1:
G         Em       D
An hour away from home
G                 C          D
And time's never felt this slow
G                Em    D
It feels like a week ago
C               D
Do you feel it too?

G               Em      D
I bet you went back to bed
G            C          D
My pillow beneath your head
G                Em         D
Repeat the last words I've said
C       D
I miss you

       Em  G  D
You're all I need
    Em   G        D
So fall back to sleep

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            C                 D
Wherever I go, wherever I'll be
           G                               Em
Oh I just hope that you're thinkin' 'bout me
              C              D              G
And that you don't doubt my love or feel lonely
              C                D
Wherever you go, whatever you see
             G                    Em
You're not alone, you never will be
               C                 D                G
Oh baby just know, wherever you go is where I'll be

Verse 2:
G              Em        D
I saw you in Thompson Square
G                C        D
The wind playing in your hair
G                 Em      D
And then down in Dallas where
C             D
You've never been

G              Em     D
And now everywhere I go
G                  C      D
It feels like I'm coming home
G                  Em       D
I'll see you in a month or so
C           D
But until then






Awesome song.
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