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Shes Killing Me Chords


			     She's killing me - A Rocket To the moon

Tuning: Standard Capo on the 2nd Yo!!

      Bsus4          F#            E           Abm          E2       Bb

Intro: Bsus4 F# E

Verse 1

             Bsus4 F#     E
All my friends are coming over 
          Bsus4 F#  E
And I hope nobody told her 
             Bsus4    F#  E
She has a way of turning sunshine into rain
         Bsus4  F#       E
I've got on that shirt she hates
           Bsus4 F#          E
I just know that face she'll make 
               Bsus4  F# E
Even thought it hurts, she's my favorite pain
         Abm           E                F#
She never drives her car she drives me crazy
         Abm           E                F#
She went out of gas and somehow I'm to blame

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              E                Bsus4
I'll take her out and drop her off
         Abm           F#
On the outskirts of our town
             E            Bsus4               Abm   F#
I'll leave a trail of roses that lead back home (so come back home)
              E                 Bsus4
She'll pick a fight for no good reason
    Abm              F#
She knows I'll never leave 
  E                F#(pause)
I love her half to death but she's killing me



Verse 2

              Bsus4 F#        E
All my friends, they say they like her
           Bsus4  F#     E
But I know behind my back
         Bsus4 F#    E
They all think the same things, that I do 
               Abm                E
She spends her daddy's credit card 
And says that I'm the one whose lazy
             Abm         E                F#
She's like a dream and a nightmare coming true

Repeat chorus

Abm    F#              E
And I wouldn't have it any other way
Bsus4/Bb           Abm
She can change her clothes
She can change her hair 
But she'll always be the same
           E2                Bsus4
So I went out and bought her roses
     Abm                F#
She complained about the thorns
             E2             Bsus4             Abm
I caught her smiling and that's what I do it for

Repeat chorusx2

Cool little outro


I love you all ;)