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Summer Moved On Chords

Summer moved on

Intro: Em9
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  Em9        Bm7          A7
Summer moved on, and the way it works
      G         D/F#
You can't tag along
Em9        Bm7           A7
Honey moved out, and the way it went
   G       D/F#   Bm7             - Gmaj7
Leaves no doubt, moments will pass
       F#7sus4 - F#7  Em7       A7
In the morning light, I found out
  Bm              Gmaj7
Seasons can't last
      F#7sus4    -    F#7   A7       - Em7
And so there's one thing, left to ask

  Bm  A                Gmaj7
Stay, don't just walk away
     F#7#5     F#7
And leave me another day
Bm A              Gmaj7
A day just like today
       F#7#5 F#7      Gmaj7
With nobody else around

(Same chords as the first verse)

Friendship move on, until the day
You just can't get along
Handshakes unfold, and the way it goes
No one knows, moments will pass
In the morning light I found out
Seasons can't last
And there's just one thing, left to ask