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tabbed by Bobi Borisov ,  borisov@gbg.bg

Intro Dm,Am,G,E   x2

[Am]One time to [D] know that it's real 
[Am]One time to [D] know how it feels 
That's [G] all    [E]
[Am]One call - your [D] voice on the phone 
[Am]One place - a [D]moment alone
That's [G] all    [E]

[C]What do you see?
What do you [Em]know?
What are the signs? 
What do I [F] do? 
Just follow [C]your life[G]lines through[Am]
[Am]What do you hate? 
What do[Em] I do?
What do you [F]say? 
Don't throw[C] your life[G]lines away[Dm],Am,G
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Don't throw[E] your lifelines away[Dm],Am,G,E

One time - just once in my life
One time- to know it can happen twice
One shot of a clear blue sky 
One look - I see no reasons why you can't 
One chance to be back 
To the point where everything starts 
Once chance to keep it together
Things fall apart 
Once I make us believe it's true 

What do we see? 
Where do we go? 
What are the signs? 
How do we grow?
By letting your lifelines show
What if we do? What up to now?
What do you say? 
How do I know?
Don't let your lifeline go 
Don't let your lifeline go
Don't let your lifeline go