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Made my Lyell Jay.
Hi to all!! 

Standard Tuning

Remembering Britt- A Day At The Fair

           E                           C#m
You've got you're brand new house, 
you've got you're brand new room. 
                                         Bm                                      E
You've got the pictures on the wall and I'm not in any of them. 
			C#m                    A
I've got you're letters stored, and a space to fill. 
                      Bm                                                     A
I've got a box I never threw away and probably never will.. 
A		   Bm			E
I don't say you're name without a smile. 

 E           C#m                                      A
Those wasted nights we feared our homes. 
		Bm			E
I drove you anywhere you'd want to go. 
Those nameless streets,
                             A			Bm
where you told me that you'd love me, forever and ever again. 
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/a/a_day_at_the_fair/remembering_britt_crd.html ]
E		C#m
I kept my ticket stubs, 
I got our last play bill. 
You got "stories for the big screen" 
and you bought "if there's a will." 
                   C#m                         A
I carry my old life with my heart in tact. 
                                   Bm                                                  A
I know those times I used to spend with you are never coming back... 
A                  Bm                       E
I see another day remembering. 

Repeat Chorus

(not sure with this part)
A                           Bm
Were you the one for me? 

(palm mute)
               E                  C#m
There was once this chance, 
                    A                        Bm
to share the world with just one girl. 
She was perfect, 
and she was honest, 
                      A                                 Bm
she broke my heart when she broke her promise

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