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When Im Missing You Chords

Title: When Im Missing You

Artist: A1

Chords By: Charlie Edsel Valera
           Student Nurse 4th year level

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When I'm missing you

Chords Pattern:
G            320033
C9           x32033
D            xx0232
Dsus         xx0233
/A           x0xx33
/G           300022
/F#          2xxx33
Emsus        022033
/B           x2xx33
E            000033 

Intro: G-C9-Dsus-/G-/F#-Emsus-C9-D

   /E    /A-C9  Dsus             /G-/F#-Emsus         /B C9          D-Dsus-D    
     Sunday morning  time to say bye         But I'll be holding you soon
   /E        /A  C9 Dsus                        /G-/F#-Emsus     /B  C9          D    
     Though I'm leaving, girl don't start to cry            I'll be thinking of you yeah

    D           /B C9           G                   
     It's a lonely ride on the midnight train 
    D     /B C9                           D 
     I'm counting down the days till I'm home again
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             G     C9          D          G-/G-/F#-Emsus
Chorus: How can I say when my words ever dry 
                    /B-C9             D         G
           How can I s-mile with the tear in my eye 
            G           C9         /B        /E
           Summer's so lost with raining in June 
            /A                 D                  G
           That's how it feels  when I'm missing you 

Interlude: C9   Dsus-/G-/F#-Emsus /B C9    D
             Oh yeah,             baby, oh oh

    /E        /A   C9 Dsus                  /G-/F#-Emsus 
     Now time and healing another week come by
          /B  C9         Dsus-D     /E     /A   C9-Dsus                /G-/F#-Emsus
     Girl it feels like years,  hmmm  I've been calling every day and night
         /B C9            Dsus-D   
     How I wish you were here, ooh yeah (Refrain & Chorus except last chords)

    /B                         /E        G
     I never met a girl who is so this sweet 
      Am                     G
     Can't wait to see you again, ohh 
    /B                           /E     C9
     I never had a love that was so complete 
              Am                              D
     And you know that I'll be dreaming til then ohh ohh, baby

Interlude: G-C9-Dsus-/G-/F#-Emsus-C9-D
     G-C9-/B-/E-/A        D    
                   Till then ohh, baby (Chorus)

  G-C9   D        G-/G-/F#    Emsus
     Oh yeah baby (how can I smile) 
             C9      D                G
     I said yeah, I said I'm missing you (ohh) 
      G           C9        /B        /E
     Summer's so lost with raining in June 
      /A                 D                  G
     That's how it feels  when I'm missing you