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Start The Simulator Chords

Lovely song by A-ha, couldn't find it here so submitted. Still not sure about a 
few parts, let me know if you have any suggestions regarding the changes.


A C G A x 3

E             A    E D 
Start the simulator
   E                A  E  D
Controllers, listen up
E                   A        E  D
What’s your status, Guidance?
      E                A   A7
Let’s take it from the top
               Bm  dm 
Coming up on docking
                 f#m    D
The beginnings of a tear
E            A        E
Clearing the tower
D           A C G D
We take the air


[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/a/a-ha/start_the_simulator_crd.html ]
E             A   E D 
Start the simulator
E                 A   E  D
Give your tanks a stir
    E              A     E D
The bright ejecta blanket
E              A A7
All is still a blur
D              Bm  dm
Switch to Omni Bravo
            f#m D
B bus under volt
    E         A   E
Roll right to zero
D             A  C  E
Steady as she goes

A                     B
We’re going to fly so high
Bm          E     A
Into the rendered sky
A7             D      G
We’re going to be all right
C                  E       
Inside the endless night

E7 Eb

Ab            Db Ab Gb                   
Start the simulator
Ab                Db Ab Gb
I.S.O. valves are gray
Ab     Db   Ab Gb
EDS to manual
Ab                Db  Db7       
Translation looks okay
Gb              Ebm        Ggbm
Save it for the splash-down
                Bbm Gb
Things you want undone
Ab          Db       Ab
You’re in command now
Gb                  Bbm Gb
Your home away from home
            Db      Ab
You’re in control now
Gb                 Db E B Gb
Now you’re on your own

Db E B Gb x3