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Locust Chords

The song is in 6/4 timing so the E chords tend to be played as shorter transitions 
Bm and F#m chords.  The formatting, not to mention grammar, keeps getting screwed up 
I adjust
it so play around with the timings (and ignore the grammar).

verse 1:

Bm7	    E		   F#m
Dont be afraid

	      E	    Bm7
its a harmless moon.

           E		F#m
All we can do

         E		Bm7
is to assume

	              E		F#m
our lives must change,

	           E	   Bm7
a change is due.

	          E	   F#m
I hear you say

what are we gonna do?


Bm		              E
I dont know     breaking
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/a/a-ha/locust_crd.html ]
F#m	              E
I dont know     shaking

Bm		               E	        F#m
I dont know     breaking down

When all you want do to do

Bm		               E
I dont know     breaking

F#m		               E
I dont know     shaking

Bm		               E         F#m  C#m
I dont know     breaking down

verse 2 (chords as verse 1):

O weeping night,O grieving sky,
O rabbit wind, you just flew by,
Grant me this, some small reward
and dont announce time of the final call


(spoken verse - chords as for other verses I think)
My dream was this:
Across the sky
a slate-grey cloud
that filled the eye.
A slate-grey cloud
comes through the dustů

(finish with chorus