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In Da Club Tab

Tha "Real" "50 Cent- In da Club" Tab

I am so tired of kids putting out the wrong tabs!
Play this along with the song and a lil bit of distortion. It sounds so tight. It's 
a pretty good beat for a rap song, or any song. Play it w/ some drums and a

bassist and a black guy rapping at a party? You'll be a hit.

It's all power chords, remember, a little bit of distortion. and if u listen to the 
you will know hear that one note being repeated in the background...
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/0-9/50_cent/in_da_club_tab_ver_4.html ]

(pm) = palm mute
/s/ = slide (DUH!)

see, it's F N simple.

also, check out my 'Sublime - Saw Red' tab.

see i have this philosophy: "don't post a tab unless it's right"