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Be Like That Tab

Date: July 31 2000
Author/Artist: 3 Doors Down
Title: Be Like That
Album: The Better Life
Transcribed by: Eric Bergevin
E-mail address: eric.bergevin@home.com

This is a fun song to play because it's easy.

(Note: I didn't bother with the timing, listen to the timing yourself. You can do it!)


    G                Dsus2			Em9
E ----------3------------------0-----------------------0------
B ------------3----------3--------3-----------------3-----3---
G ----0---------0-----------2--------2----------------------0-
D -------0---------0--0-----------------0--------2------------
A --------------------------------------------2---------------
E -3---------------------------------------0------------------
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E -------------0------
B ----------3-----3---
G -------0----------0-
D ----2---------------
A -3------------------
E --------------------

Repeat that 4x and then the electric guitar comes in with the same notes but in power chords
(hit the chords once).
All this while guitar #1 is still playing the intro riff.

After a while the chords change:

(Electric guitar only)
A5   C5   G5   G5
A5   C5   G5   B5 C5

You can figure the rest of the song by listening to it. It all repeats itself, you'll see!

How do you do that chord?

      G   Dsus2	Em9	C6/9
E ----3-----0------0------0--
B ----3-----3------3------3--
G ----0-----2------0------0--
D ----0------------2------2--
A ----2------------2------3--
E ----3------------0------0--

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me.