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Slit Wrist Theory Tab

Slit Wrist Theory
by 36 Crazy Fists
(tabbed by Nick Peltola)

  I play this song differently than the tabs I've seen for it, but
this is what it sounds like to me. E-mail me any suggestions or 
comments at  or if you're interested in 
joining a band in Anchorage Alaska.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/0-9/36_crazy_fists/slit_wrist_theory_tab_ver_2.html ]

*To creat the echo/delay effect I hit each note twice, the
second time a little softer.  If you have a pedal to creat
this effect then you don't need to hit each note twice.

 - Thats the coolest part so that's all I tabbed.  If you want
the rest of the song (the way I play it) then you can e-mail me 
at  or  or 
add me on msn/yahoo messanger. 

\m/(-_-)\m/ ROCK ON!!!